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The great altarpiece of Saint Bartholomew began in 1737. Lluc Mesquida, Damià Oliver and Joan Antoni Oms built the base. The altarpiece is the work of Juan Antonio Oms Batle (Palma, 1679-1748), son and disciple of Gaspar Oms Bestard. The painter Joan Morey gilded it between 1757 and 1765.

In the central part of the altarpiece, presiding over the whole, we can see the polychrome wood carving of Saint Bartholomew. The Saint, who is inside a niche with a cupola, is dressed in a green tunic and a red mantle. In his left hand he carries his own skin: Let us remember that, according to tradition, he died skinned. If we look carefully, we can even see the part of the skin corresponding to his face and also that of the hands with their corresponding fingers. In his right hand he holds a knife that was the instrument of his martyrdom. Above the saint, on the left side of the hood that crowns the niche, you can see a little angel holding a laurel wreath over the apostle's head.

At the top of Saint Bartholomew we can see two angels holding the coat of arms of Sóller: the Sun and two golden lions on a blue background.

To the left of the tabernacle we see the image of Saint Peter. On the right side of the tabernacle is the image of Saint Paul, who carries a book in his right hand and a sword in his left hand.

Above the small chapel of Saint Bartholomew we find another niche with the carving of the Virgin of Bon Any, the work of Guillem Carbonell. She is co-patron saint of Sóller together with Saint Bartholomew. In her left hand she carries the Child and in her right hand she carries a bouquet of oranges as a symbol of the Valley of Sóller.

To the left of Our Lady of Bon Any we can see the relief of Saint Mary Magdalene carrying an ointment bowl in her left hand. To the left of this image we find that of Saint Vincent of Paul.

To the right of the Virgin of Bon Any there is a relief of Saint Catherine of Alexandria with the wheel that was used for her martyrdom. At the end of this side we find the wooden carving of Santa Bárbara who has a cannon at her feet that reminds us that she is the patron saint of artillerymen.

At the top of the altarpiece we find the archangel Saint Michael stepping on the devil.

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