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In the central part of the altarpiece we can see the polychrome wood carving of Saint Sebastian. It represents the owner of the chapel with arrows that cross different parts of his body. This image is found inside a niche with a cupola and abundant decoration of reliefs that represent foliage and angel heads. To the left of the niche of Saint Sebastián is the painting of Saint John the Baptist pointing to the lamb. On this painting, the relief of crossed arrows and the head of an angel is repeated. On the right side of the altarpiece, with identical decoration on the other side, we can see the painting of Saint Catherine of Alexandria with her wheel of martyrdom at her feet. Below the image of Saint Sebastian you can see a niche with a molding similar to that of the mentioned paintings with a glass. Here we can see the photograph of the reliquary of Saint Sebastian that is kept in the parish treasury. On the day of the feast of Saint Sebastian, the original silver reliquary is exhibited. In the second body of the altarpiece, above the image of Saint Sebastian, we can see the painting of Saint Catherine of Siena kneeling before the Virgin and Child. The child carries a heart in each hand. Above this painting is the coat of arms of the Estanda family, an eight-pointed star, patrons of the chapel. This coat of arms is repeated in the chapel's groin vault keystone, in the iron gate door, in the lamp and on one side of the altar. At the upper ends of the altarpiece are the carvings of Saint Gabriel on the left and Saint Rafael on the right. Saint Rafael carries a fish that is also called Rafael. In the chapel we find some benches with the date 1765. The patrons of the chapel had the right to sit in the chapel throughout the different celebrations and, after his death, to be buried under the pavement of his chapel as well.

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